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A source of current best evidence from Cochrane systematic reviews which relate to the health care of older people

Unfortunately EffectiveOlderPeopleCare.org is no longer being maintained. Thank you for your interest in the project, please see the links below for more recommended information about health care in older people

EffectiveOlderPeopleCare.org is a continually updated source of current best evidence from Cochrane systematic reviews which relate to the health care of older people.  It focuses on common health problems in old age and different models of service organisation for older people. Disease specific topics are at present excluded.  It provides a concise account of the evidence. 

EffectiveOlderPeopleCare.org has been developed in a direct attempt to breakdown the barriers that prevent health professionals keeping up to date with rapidly increasing volumes of high quality research, and to provide clear evidence-based answers to the clinical questions asked by health professionals working in the field. This web-enabled evidence-based practice resource requires: -

  • No special training

  • Is free and requires no registration

Provides quick and easy access to:

  • Summaries of evidence of effectiveness of interventions used in Older People's care

  • National Guidelines on older people's care

  • Has a search function

  • Will be regularly updated

  • Uses transparent and explicit methods

EffectiveOlderPeopleCareCare.org enables you to:

  • Quickly find the best approach to managing your patients’ problems

  • Explore alternative ways of managing problems or organising services in older people's care

  • Save time and find accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive information based on the best available evidence

  • Simplify your search for evidence by exploring the EffectiveOlderPeopleCare.org database

  • Avoid duplication of effort in the searching, appraising and summarising of evidence

  • Learn about the process of evidence-based practice

  • Identify directions for future primary and secondary research

  • Involve your students in the evidence-based practice process by providing them with authentic learning experiences

To date the effective health care team has identified 19 themes with over 250 interventions and relevant summaries of effectiveness based on critical appraisal of Cochrane systematic reviews. EffectiveOlderPeopleCare.org will grow and evolve over time, with new features added on a regular basis. Everyday, new research is published and new clinical questions are raised and the database has potential to expand into using non-Cochrane systematic reviews and randomised controlled trials.  
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